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The dimensionless thermoelectric figure of merit (ZT) in bismuth antimony telluride (BiSbTe) bulk alloys has remained around 1 for more than 50 years. We show that a peak ZT of 1.4 at 100 degrees C can be achieved in a p-type nanocrystalline BiSbTe bulk alloy. These nanocrystalline bulk materials were made by hot pressing nanopowders that were ball-milled(More)
The GPS technology and new forms of urban geography have changed the paradigm for mobile services. As such, the abundant availability of GPS traces has enabled new ways of doing taxi business. Indeed, recent efforts have been made on developing mobile recommender systems for taxi drivers using Taxi GPS traces. These systems can recommend a sequence of(More)
Keywords: Ensemble Kalman Filter HJ-1 WOFOST Winter wheat yield a b s t r a c t Regional crop yield prediction is a significant component of national food security assessment and food policy making. The crop growth model based on field scale is limited when it is extrapolated to regional scale to estimate crop yield due to the uncertainty of the input(More)
Online mechanism design has been widely applied to various practical applications. However, designing a strategy-proof online mechanism is much more challenging than that in a static scenario due to short of knowledge of future information. In this paper, we investigate online auctions with time discounting values, in contrast to the flat values studied in(More)
The mutual controls of ferroelectricity and magnetism are stepping towards practical applications proposed for quite a few promising devices in which multiferroic thin films are involved. Although ferroelectricity stemming from specific spiral spin ordering has been reported in highly distorted bulk perovskite manganites, the existence of magnetically(More)
There have been many interests in exploring multiferroic materials with superior ferroelectric and magnetic properties for the purpose of developing multifunctional devices. Fabrication of thin films plays an important role in achieving this purpose, since the multiferroicity can be tuned via strain, dimensionality, and size effect, without varying the(More)
Nanomagnetic materials offer exciting avenues for advancing cancer therapies. Most researches have focused on efficient delivery of drugs in the body by incorporating various drug molecules onto the surface of nanomagnetic particles. The challenge is how to synthesize low toxic nanocarriers with multi-target drug loading. The cancer cell death mechanisms(More)
Bike sharing systems, aiming at providing the missing links in public transportation systems, are becoming popular in urban cities. A key to success for a bike sharing systems is the effectiveness of rebalancing operations, that is, the efforts of restoring the number of bikes in each station to its target value by routing vehicles through pick-up and(More)
Ultrahigh density well-registered oxide nanocapacitors are very essential for large scale integrated microelectronic devices. We report the fabrication of well-ordered multiferroic BiFeO3 nanocapacitor arrays by a combination of pulsed laser deposition (PLD) method and anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) template method. The capacitor cells consist of BiFeO3/SrRuO3(More)