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This paper proposes reliability evaluation for interconnection planning using a tie line constrained equivalent assisting generator model (TEAG) that considers uncertainties of interconnected transmission systems and tie lines. Development of this model was triggered by the need to perform probabilistic reliability evaluations on the NEAREST (North East(More)
Reliability and power quality have been increasingly important in recent years due to a number of black-out events occurring throughout the world. This paper presents a practical method of probabilistic reliability evaluation of Korea Power system by using the Probabilistic Reliability Assessment (PRA) program and Physical and Operational Margins (POM). The(More)
This paper describes a new methodology for grid expansion planning considering the probabilistic reliability of a composite power system including wind turbine generators (WTG). The proposed model includes capacity limitations and transmission line unavailability. The importance of renewable energy sources has been growing at a rapid rate due to(More)
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