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By comparison of mass spectra from a small cohort of nipple aspiration fluids (NAF), we previously discovered a panel of five candidate breast cancer biomarkers among them an unidentified 4.7 kD peptide BF5. The purposes of the present study were to verify the presence of BF5 in an independent cohort; to determine the protein identity of BF5; and to provide(More)
Melamine is an important and widely used organic industrial chemical. Recently, clinical findings of renal failure and kidney stones in infants have been associated with ingestion of melamine-contaminated infant formula. To understand the toxicity and clinical outcome of melamine exposure, repeated oral dose studies in rats and monkeys were performed to(More)
The objective of this study was to identify cancer-associated protein expression patterns in bilateral matched nipple aspiration fluids using nanoscale reciprocal Cy3/Cy5 labeling and high-content antibody microarrays. This novel platform allows the pair-wise comparisons of the relative abundance of 512 different antigens using minimal NAF sample containing(More)
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