Junlong Zhou

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Online portfolio selection has attracted increasing attention from data mining and machine learning communities in recent years. An important theory in financial markets is mean reversion, which plays a critical role in some state-of-the-art portfolio selection strategies. Although existing mean reversion strategies have been shown to achieve good empirical(More)
With the continuous scaling of CMOS devices, the increase in power density and system integration level have not only resulted in huge energy consumption but also led to elevated chip temperature. Thus, energy efficient task scheduling with thermal consideration has become a pressing research issue in computing systems, especially for real-time embedded(More)
CMOS scaling has greatly increased concerns for lifetime reliability due to permanent faults and soft-error reliability due to transient faults. Most existing works only focus on one of the two reliability concerns, but often times techniques used to increase one type of reliability may adversely impact the other type. A few efforts do consider both types(More)
The key issue of renewable generations such as solar and wind in energy harvesting system is the uncertainty of energy availability. The characteristic of imprecise computation that accepts an approximate result when energy is limited and executes more computations yielding better results if more energy is available, can be exploited to intelligently handle(More)
Due to the capacity of compressing and recovering signal with low energy consumption, compressive sensing (CS) has drawn considerable attention in wireless telemonitoring of electrocardiogram (ECG) signals. However, most existing CS methods are designed for reconstructing single channel signal, and hence di±cult to reconstruct multichannel ECG signals. In(More)