Junling Yuan

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With the increasing requirement for communication bandwidth, all-optical network has been more and more important owning to its large traffic capability. Multicasting is an important technology in wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) optical network, and has been studied in many works. In this paper, we consider the multicasting technology on all-optical(More)
For the abundant bandwidth, a malfunction in optical networks causes a great deal of loss to traffic, and hence the survivability of optical networks must be considered. Two technologies, protection and restoration, are used in general, and the former is investigated in this paper. The existing protection strategies mainly cope with a single link failure or(More)
Based on the biomineralization assembly concept, a simple and inexpensive biomimetic sol-gel method is found to synthesize high-performance mesoporous LiFePO(4) (HPM-LFP). The key step of this approach is to apply Baker's yeast cells as both a structural template and a biocarbon source. The formation mechanism of ordered hierarchical mesoporous network(More)
When a connection request comes in a mesh optical network, the routers automatically choose the suitable routing paths and wavelength to it according to the network topology and link-state information saved in its global link-state database. Because some of these wavelengths may be released or occupied at any time, the global state database is always out of(More)
Optical burst switching (OBS) is a promising all-optical switching mechanism and signaling is one of the key technologies of optical burst switched networks. According to the propagation direction of control packets, an existing OBS signaling can be classified as one-way or two-way signaling. The transmission of bursts in two-way signaling is guaranteed(More)