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BACKGROUND Primary insomnia can severely impair daytime function by disrupting attention and working memory and imposes a danger to self and others by increasing the risk of accidents. We speculated that the neurobiological changes impeding working memory in primary insomnia patients would be revealed by resting-state functional MRI (R-fMRI), which(More)
This paper proposes a method of data-flow testing for Web services composition. Firstly, to facilitate data flow analysis and constraints collecting, the existing model representation of business process execution language (BPEL) is modified in company with the analysis of data dependency and an exact representation of dead path elimination (DPE) is(More)
PURPOSE To prospectively evaluate noncontrast-enhanced (NCE), time resolved, four-dimensional (4D) magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) for assessment of cerebral arteriovenous malformation (AVM), with intraarterial digital subtraction angiography (DSA) performed as the reference standard. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fifteen patients (ten men, five women; age(More)
Though K-means is very popular for general clustering, its performance which generally converges to numerous local minima depends highly on initial cluster centers. In this paper a novel initialization scheme to select initial cluster centers for K-means clustering is proposed. This algorithm is based on reverse nearest neighbor (RNN) search which retrieves(More)
Substantial individual differences characterize the changes induced by total sleep deprivation on cognitive functions. Despite some progress having been achieved, the mechanisms of individual differences in response to total sleep deprivation have not been clearly elucidated. Cerebral metabolism in the resting state is among the key physiological processes(More)
Feature selection is a necessary process before pattern classification, machine learning and data mining. Now feature selection is facing challenge in high dimension space, such as text categorization in information retrieval. Linear discriminant analysis (LDA) is an excellent dimensionality reduction method which transforms the original data into(More)
Three genetic variants in the promoter of SPP1 (secreted phosphoprotein 1) gene have been reported to affect transcriptional activity of SPP1, thus conferring an increased risk for some diseases. To testify if these variants are associated with risk of hip osteoarthritis (OA) as well, we performed a case-control study including 389 hip OA patients and 315(More)
BACKGROUND The diagnosis of liver fibrosis is a difficult task at any time using conventional clinical imaging. Intravoxel incoherent motion (IVIM) can be used to investigate both diffusion and perfusion changes in tissues. This study was designed to determine the value of IVIM in the diagnosis and staging of liver fibrosis. METHODS IVIM examinations were(More)
Owing to the central role of apoptosis in many human diseases and the wide-spread application of apoptosis-based therapeutics, molecular imaging of apoptosis in clinical practice is of great interest for clinicians, and holds great promises. Based on the well-defined biochemical changes for apoptosis, a rich assortment of probes and approaches have been(More)
Several functional imaging studies have investigated the regional effects of sleep deprivation (SD) on impaired brain function; however, potential changes in the functional interactions between the cerebral hemispheres after SD are not well understood. In this study, we used a recently validated approach, voxel-mirrored homotopic connectivity (VMHC), to(More)