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With respect to different confidence on evaluation result from different decision-makers to the hybrid multi-attribute with risk, an approach to group decision-making based on prospect theory and projection theory is proposed. Firstly, a tuple is established to record the evaluation result and the hybrid decision information. Then the element of the tuple(More)
The reliability and security of multimedia contents in transmission, communications, storage, and usage have attracted special attention. Robust image hashing, also referred to as perceptual image hashing, is widely applied in multimedia authentication and forensics, image retrieval, image indexing, and digital image watermarking. In this work, a novel(More)
A novel robust image hashing scheme based on quaternion Zernike moments (QZMs) and the scale invariant feature transform (SIFT) is proposed for image authentication. The proposed method can locate tampered region and detect the nature of the modification, including object insertion, removal, replacement, copy-move and cut-to-paste operations. QZMs(More)
A blind color image watermarking scheme based on quaternion discrete Fourier transform (QDFT) and uniform log-polar mapping (ULPM) is proposed. In this scheme, a binary meaningful watermark is first embedded into the real part of QDFT coefficient of middle frequencies. In order to make it robust to geometric attacks, a bipolar binary watermark is inserted(More)
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