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The kinetics of the spontaneous hydrolysis of the potential prodrugs 1a-1f, 2a-2g, and 3a-3e in methanol-buffer mixtures (3:7) at various pH-values was studied and a simple analytical uv-spectroscopic method was developed. The results show that most of the new potential prodrugs were very quickly reconverted to their parent drugs under these conditions. All(More)
The reverse engineering (RE) of electronic chips and systems can be used with honest and dishonest intentions. To inhibit RE for those with dishonest intentions (e.g., piracy and counterfeiting), it is important that the community is aware of the state-of-the-art capabilities available to attackers today. In this article, we will be presenting a survey of(More)
A new link and energy adaptive UWB-based sensing system is proposed to maximize the detection time coverage of UWB-based pulse radar in embedded sensing applications powered by renewable energy. By jointly considering the link information between the transmitter and receiver of the UWB radar as well as the non-deterministic characteristics of the renewable(More)
This paper presents a new power management technique for RF circuits powered by renewable energy sources. Different from conventional systems, the performance of self-powered RF circuits is largely constrained by two factors: time-varying fading channel conditions and non-deterministic renewable energy levels. The proposed technique dynamically adjusts the(More)
The Rat2 cell line carries 50-70 stably integrated copies per cell of a lambda/lacI shuttle vector as a target for mutagenicity testing. Rat2 cells were exposed to 1 and 10 micrograms/ml of 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene (DMBA) for 24 h at 37 degrees C in the presence of primary rat hepatocytes, and grown to confluence. The shuttle vector was rescued from(More)
An important question regarding the use of transgenic reporter genes to detect mutation in rodents is how the types of mutations recovered in transgenes compare with the types of mutations found in endogenous genes. In this study, we examined mutations induced by 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene in the lacI transgene and the endogenous hprt gene of(More)
Transgenic mice containing multiple copies of the PhiX174 am3 allele are being developed as a model for detecting tissue-specific in vivo mutation. In order to derive an analogous system for measuring am3 mutation in vitro, cells were cultured from 15-day-old C57Bl/6J mouse embryos that were homozygous for the transgene and these cells were transfected with(More)
There are many evidences that people tend to overweight low-probability events and underweight highprobability events. This risk attitude is generally expressed as an inverse-S shaped weighting function. This paper considers a risk-averse inventory manager who operates a continuous-review inventory system subject to supply disruption risk. Both(More)