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We present in this paper the design and an evaluation of a novel interface called the Relation Browser++ (RB++) for searching and browsing large information collections. RB++ provides visualized category overviews of an information space and allows dynamic filtering and exploration of the result set by tightly coupling the browsing and searching functions.(More)
Small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) and microRNAs (miRNAs) are sequence-specific post-transcriptional regulators of gene expression. Although major components of the RNA interference (RNAi) pathway have been identified, regulatory mechanisms for this pathway remain largely unknown. Here we demonstrate that the RNAi pathway can be modulated intracellularly by(More)
The size and breadth of digital libraries makes it difficult for people to quickly grasp what content is and is not available. Consequently, people usually need an overview of the digital library to help them decide if it is worthwhile to look further. As they do look further, it is helpful for their searching and browsing to get an idea of what is in the(More)
We have synthesized a new class of electrocatalysts for the O2 reduction reaction, consisting of a mixed monolayer of Pt and another late transition metal (Ir, Ru, Rh, Re, or Os) deposited on a Pd(111) single crystal or on carbon-supported Pd nanoparticles. Several of these mixed monolayer electrocatalysts exhibited very high activity and increased(More)
In continuation of our program aimed at the discovery and development of natural-product-based insecticidal agents, we have synthesized eighteen alkyl/alkenylacyloxy derivatives at the C-28 position adopting exo-configuration of toosendanin (3a-r) by the reaction of toosendanin with fatty acids in the presence of N,N'-diisopropylcarbodiimide and 4-(More)
This communication describes the preparation of carbon-supported truncated-octahedral Pt(3)Ni nanoparticle catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction. Besides the composition, size, and shape controls, this work develops a new butylamine-based surface treatment approach for removing the long-alkane-chain capping agents used in the solution-phase synthesis.(More)
In this article we present a method for retrieving documents from a digital library through a visual interf based on automatically generated concepts. We used a vocabulary generation algorithm to generate a se concepts for the digital library and a technique called the max-min distance technique to cluster them. Additionally, the concepts were visualized in(More)
Carbonyl ylide is one of the most important intermediates which can undergo a series of 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions. The C-C heterolysis of oxirane is believed to be the most atom-economic and straightforward way to generate carbonyl ylide. However, this chemistry was only achieved under photochemical and thermal conditions in past years. In this(More)