Junliang He

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Container terminals mainly include three types of handling equipment, i.e., quay cranes (QCs), internal trucks (ITs) and yard cranes (YCs). Due to high cost of the handling equipment, container terminals can hardly purchase additional handling equipment. Therefore, the reasonable scheduling of these handling equipment, especially coordinated scheduling of(More)
Aerosol optical depth (AOD) is a critical variable in estimating aerosol concentration in the atmosphere, evaluating severity of atmospheric pollution, and studying their impact on climate. With the assistance of the 6S radiative transfer model, we simulated apparent reflectancein relation to AOD in each Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS)(More)
Owing that the internal trucks (ITs) are frequently used as transportation equipments between yards and quaysides, the transportation efficiency of ITs secures a crucial position in container terminal productivity. Hence, a container terminal cannot contain a big number of ITs. As such, it is an imperative to explore an appropriate IT assignment strategy.(More)
Combined the data of irrigation experiments in Hebei Province, The paper built an integrated system which integrates data input and output, management, analysis and decision. The system is based on GIS (Geographic Information System), DSS (Decision Support System) and crop water production formula. With the establishment of the system, the modern management(More)