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Image quality assessment is an important issue addressed in various image processing applications such as image/video compression and image reconstruction. The peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR) with the L(2)-metric is commonly used in objective image quality assessment. However, the measure does not agree very well with the human visual perception in many(More)
BACKGROUND The citrus red mite is a worldwide citrus pest and a common sensitizing allergen of asthma and rhinitis. It has developed strong resistance to many registered acaricides, However, the molecular mechanisms of resistance remain unknown. we therefore used next generation sequencing technology to investigate the global transcriptomes between(More)
—Most proposed video quality assessment approaches in the literature are only applied to the luminance layer of frame. Others are applied to luminance and chrominance layers respectively and then pooling by means of grayscale image quality metrics. In this paper, we proposed a full-reference objective video quality assessment called CMSVD, which treats(More)
To deal with the complexities associated with the rapid growth in a merged concept lattice, a formal method based on an entropy-based weighted concept lattice (EWCL) is proposed as a mechanism for merging multi-source geographic ontologies (geo-ontologies). First, formal concept analysis (FCA) is used to formalize different term-based representations in(More)