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The message passing approach to model-based signal processing is developed with a focus on Gaussian message passing in linear state space models, which includes recursive least squares, linear minimum-mean-squared-error estimation, and Kalman filtering algorithms. Tabulated message computation rules for the building blocks of linear models allow to compose(More)
The effects of mineral fertilizer (NPK) and organic manure on the community structure of soil ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB) was investigated in a long-term (16-year) fertilizer experiment. The experiment included seven treatments: organic manure, half organic manure N plus half fertilizer N, fertilizer NPK, fertilizer NP, fertilizer NK, fertilizer PK,(More)
A paclitaxel/MPEG-PLA block copolymer conjugate was prepared in three steps: (1) hydroxyl-terminated diblock copolymer of monomethoxy-poly(ethylene glycol)-b-poly(lactide) (MPEG-PLA) was synthesized by ring-opening polymerization of L-lactide using MPEG as a maroinitiator; (2) it was converted to carboxyl-terminated MPEG-PLA by reacting with mono-t-butyl(More)
Elaborating on prior work by Minka, we formulate a general computation rule for lossy messages. An important special case (with many applications in communications) is the conversion of “soft-bit” messages to Gaussian messages. By this method, the performance of a Kalman equalizer is improved, both for uncoded and coded transmission.
A systematic survey of heavy metal (HM) concentrations and bioaccessibilities in market vegetables in Hong Kong were carried out for assessing potential health risk to local inhabitants. The average concentrations of Cd, Pb, Cr, Ni, Cu, and Zn in nine major groups of fresh vegetable varied within 0.007-0.053, 0.05-0.17, 0.05-0.24, 0.26-1.1, 0.62-3.0, and(More)
Five random vegetable farms were selected to investigate the bioaccumulation risk of heavy metals (HMs) by different type of vegetables around the Pearl River Delta (PRD), China. The concentration order of four major HMs in the surface soil samples was Cd<Cu<Pb<Zn, with only Cd concentrations (1.4-1.8mgkg(-1)) significantly higher than the permissible limit(More)
Both biochar application and mycorrhizal inoculation have been proposed to improve plant growth and alter bioaccumulation of toxic metals. A greenhouse pot trial was conducted to investigate growth and Cd accumulation of upland kangkong (Ipomoea aquatica Forsk.) intercropped with Alfred stonecrop (Sedum alfredii Hance) in a Cd-contaminated soil inoculated(More)
Model protein bovine serum albumin (BSA) was covalently grafted onto poly[(L-lactide)-co-carbonate] microsphere surfaces by "click chemistry." The grafting was confirmed by confocal laser scanning microscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. The maximum amount of surface-grafted BSA was 45 mg x g(-1). The secondary structure of the grafted BSA was(More)
Site-specific PEGylation offers the possibility to modify a therapeutic protein without interfering with its biological activity. Previously, a preferential N-terminal PEGylation has been reported for several proteins when the reaction was performed at acidic pH. In the present study it was explored if acidic pH favors N-terminal PEGylation of bone(More)