Junko Wakamatsu

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A 73-year-old man presented with a two year history of multiple nodules and follicular papules accompanied by slight itching on the face and the forearm. A physical examination showed multiple, soft, erythematous nodules on the forehead, cheek, and jaw, contributing to a generally leonine appearance of the face. Histopathological examination from the(More)
Following a brief review of the history of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), advantages and disadvantages of MRI are discussed in the diagnosis of malignant tumors of the various parts of the body. The advantages include high contrast resolution, no artifacts from the bones, and arbitrary imaging planes obtainable in multiple slices, whereas disadvantages(More)
Background: Many epidemiological studies on the health effects of air pollutants have been carried out in regions with major sources such as factories and automobiles. However, the health effects of air pollutants in regions without major sources remain unclear. This study investigated the acute effects of ambient air pollution on pulmonary function among(More)
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