Junko Tokutomi

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The purpose of this study was to look for associations between lower incisor movement and working and balancing condylar movement during lateral excursion in children with primary dentition and adults with permanent dentition. Mandibular movement was recorded using a TRI-MET (an optoelectronic analysis system with six degrees-of-freedom) at a sampling(More)
The instantaneous center of rotation has been used to describe sagittal plane kinematics of mandibular opening and closing. Although, lateral excursions are also important because the closing pathways of masticatory movements frequently coincide with those of lateral excursions with occlusal contacts, there are no similar descriptions of mandibular lateral(More)
Anterior crossbite (ACB) malocclusions are frequent; however, its characteristic functional features have not been fully described. The purpose of this study was to determine the characteristics of habitual mandibular open-close motion in children with ACB of their primary dentition. Two groups of children were selected for study; 17 with ACB (eight boys(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between incisor and condyle movement during protrusion in children with primary dentition. Subjects were categorized into two age groups. A primary dentition group consisted of 20 children, and a permanent dentition group consisted of 25 women. The occlusion and TMJ in both groups were normal,(More)
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