Junko Tasaka

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Taurine uptake was studied in the bullfrog sympathetic ganglia. High- and low-affinity components were detected after subtraction of nonsaturable influx from total uptake in a concentration range from 34 nM to 8mM. Taurine uptake was strictly sodium dependent and the sodium dependency curve was sigmoidal, with a Hill number of 1.6, indicating that at least(More)
The kinetics and specificity of GABA and taurine uptake were studied in the bullfrog sympathetic ganglia. GABA uptake system consisted of simple saturable component and taurine uptake system consisted of two saturable components exclusive of non-saturable influx. Taurine unaffected GABA uptake while GABA inhibited taurine uptake competitively with theK i/Km(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the clinical utility of a new portable ultrasound device (PUD) in the management of intermittent catheter programs in patients with neuropathic bladder. DESIGN Intervention study using randomized control trial. SETTING Tertiary care center providing inpatient and ambulatory rehabilitation services to persons with neurologic(More)
The kinetics of sodium dependency of GABA uptake by satellite glial cells was studied in bullfrog sympathetic ganglia. GABA uptake followed simple Michaelis-Menten kinetics at all sodium concentrations tested. Increasing external sodium concentration increased bothK m andV max for GABA uptake, with an increase in theV max/K m ratio. The initial rate of(More)
We have postulated that an excitatory postsynaptic potential (e.p.s.p.) may open voltage-sensitive K+ ('M') channels, in an appropriate depolarizing range, and that this could alter the e.p.s.p. waveform. Consequently, the fast e.p.s.p. in neurones of sympathetic ganglia, elicited by a nicotinic action of acetylcholine (ACh), could be followed by a(More)
Characteristics of voltage-dependent currents in cultured frog Schwann cells were investigated by the whole-cell clamp technique. An inward current was detectable at a membrane potential level more positive than -50 mV and reached a maximum value at about -10 mV, while no rectifying channel was present. The inward current was carried by Na+ ions, because(More)
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