Junko Tanoue

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Fungicide resistance in plant pathogens is often caused by a single point mutation in a gene encoding fungicide target proteins. Such is the case for resistance to MBI-D (inhibitors of scytalone dehydratase in melanin biosynthesis) fungicides in rice blast fungus (Magnaporthe oryzae), which is caused by a mutation in the scytalone dehydratase gene that(More)
Biological data exists all over the world as various web services, which provide biologists with many useful information. However, when users actually make use of them, they need to access each web service (database) one by one. If they want to compare many different kinds of data, they have to do cumbersome tasks. Furthermore, there are many other problems(More)
A 25 year old man had been subjected to subtotal thyroidectomy under the diagnosis of Graves' disease. About a year later the patient developed systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Reports on cases of Graves' disease complicated with SLE have barely been observed so far. Consequently, the authors reckoned, with reference to the other literatures on the(More)
Graphical representation is important because it helps humans to understand complex information or concepts. A good example of graphical representation in biology is pathway chart. If consisting reaction paths were described only in text, understanding a whole pathway would be very difficult. Many genome databases on the Web use graphical representation in(More)
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