Junko Takayasu

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Although B-carotene has been considered to be a key cancer preventive agent in green and yellow vegetables, other types of carotenoids, such as a-carotene, may also contribute to anticarcinogenic action, since these carotenoids usually coexist with/~-carotene and are detectable in human blood and tissues. In this study, we compared the inhibitory effect of(More)
Oral administration of red ginseng extracts (1% in diet for 40 weeks) resulted in the significant suppression of spontaneous liver tumor formation in C3H/He male mice. Average number of tumors per mouse in control group was 1.06, while that in red ginseng extracts-treated group was 0.33 (p<0.05). Incidence of liver tumor development was also lower in red(More)
  • Ralovich, E Malovics, +16 authors Takayasu
  • 2008
Takayasu's arteritis is an uncommon inflammatory and obliterative process affecting the large and medium sized arteries.' Usually, it is not an aggressive disease.2 We describe here one case of Takayasu's disease with surprising tendency to recur. An 38 year old woman presented with progressive intermittent claudication of the legs. Blood pressure was(More)
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