Junko Imada

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We have cloned a novel ABC transporter gene PMR5 from the phytopathogenic fungus Penicillium digitatum by RT-PCR using degenerate primers. The deduced amino acid sequence of PMR5 showed 37% identity to PMR1 from the same fungus, 71% identity to AtrB from Aspergillus nidulans, and 65% identity to BcatrB from Botrytis cinerea. Disruption mutants for PMR5 were(More)
The LINC complex is a multifunctional protein complex that is involved in various processes at the nuclear envelope, such as nuclear migration, mechanotransduction and chromatin tethering in the meiotic phase. However, it remains unknown how these functions are regulated in different cell contexts. An inner nuclear membrane component of the LINC complex,(More)
We have performed Brownian dynamics simulations in order to investigate the formation of a pseudopolyrotaxane (PPRX) with cyclodextrins (CDs) and a polymer chain and the development of orientational order between PPRXs. The coarse-grained model is used to model the CDs and the polymer chain. In our simulations, we observe the formation of a rodlike PPRX(More)
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