Junko Habu

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Recent advances in the use of summed probability distribution (SPD) of calibrated 14C dates have opened new possibilities for studying prehistoric demography. The degree of correlation between climate change and population dynamics can now be accurately quantified, and divergences in the demographic history of distinct geographic areas can be statistically(More)
This paper aims to analyze the current China-Malaysia bilateral relationship from the perspective of ethnicity by drawing attention to Malaysia’s ethnic-based domestic politics. Unlike in many other countries where Chinese diasporic communities account for only a relatively small portion of the total population, the proportion of ethnic Chinese in Malaysia(More)
The Sannai Maruyama site (3900-2300 BC) is one of the largest known from Japan’s Jomon period (14 000-300 BC). This study shows that over 1500 years the number of dwellings, their size, the type of stone tools and the fondness for figurines varied greatly. Nor was it a story of gradual increase in complexity: the settlement grew in intensity up to a peak(More)
The goal of this volume is to use archaeological case studies from around the world to evaluate the implications of providing alternative interpretations of the past. Our volume is based on papers that were originally presented at a 2004 SAA (Society for American Archaeology) session in Montreal entitled “Beyond Nationalist, Colonialist, Imperialist(More)
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