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—Although standing-up motion is an important activity of daily living, it remains unclear how people perform the motion in different situations. As described in this paper, muscle synergy analysis is applied to standing-up motions performed at different circumstances, such as two different heights and at three different speeds. Results elucidated three(More)
— Recently healthcare of the elderly people has become a serious issue in medical and rehabilitation areas. In order to know their functional mobility and provide sufficient medical treatment, it is important to measure their body state precisely and objectively. Therefore we developed a wearable and wireless sensor of gyroscope and accelerometer(More)
To realize high scaling of a 10-Gbps-class optical access system, we propose and demonstrate two different long-reach hybrid multiplexing passive optical network (PON) systems. First, we demonstrate good scalability in the ultimate transmission distance over 100 km single-mode fiber without dispersion compensation of a 10G wavelength division multiplexing(More)
In the areas of care nursing, conventional physical skill education which has been conducted face-to-face prevents both experts and beginners from realizing the effects of their education and practice. In order to solve this problem, we aim to develop an effective skill education service of bed care motion with slide sheet which can prevent the outbreak of(More)
Recently, declining physical ability of elderly people has become an extremely important social issue. To improve their daily living activities, the standing-up motion is emphasized in this study as an important daily motion. Synergy analysis is applied to the standing-up motion to extract four important groups of muscle activations (synergies).(More)
—As the population continues to age, the number of elderly people requiring healthcare is increasing. In order to improve their physical function, they need to get physical training. There are activities which require integrated arm movements and lower body movements. However there are no quantitative testing methods of the degree of recovery for the(More)
a. Purpose Knee osteoarthritis (OA) is one of the major health issues causing chronic disability. In clinical research, the instability of a knee joint results in both the joint structure changes and gait disorder. However the mechanism of pathogenesis of knee OA is unclear. Therefore we design a new hypothesis to explain mechanism of knee OA with(More)
For medical or sports applications, human motor control is frequently analyzed. In this study, we focus on dart throwing motion and investigate the human motor skill to achieve precision control and force generation. The joint coordination is related to stability and accuracy of movements for precision control. On the other hand, the joint correlation is(More)
Bed care skills are highly demanded in an elderly society. Therefore, intelligent training service begins to appear for automatically transferring a skill. In this paper, we proposed a bed care activity analysis framework containing three entities: nurse, patient and environment. Nurse activity was represented by actions with patient or environment. These(More)