Junki Kikuchi

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Three phase PWM boost-buck rectifiers with power regenerating capability are investigated. The converters under consideration are capable of (i) both voltage step-up and step-down, (ii) bidirectional power processing, and (iii) almost unity power factor operation with nearly sinusoidal AC current. Expected advantages are (1) applicability to lower voltage(More)
In steel works, locomotives are used to transport products between factories. To attain the stable production, it is necessary to make an appropriate route plan for transferring products between plants effectively and smoothly. However, in a large-scale transportation system of steel works, a lot of products with variety of specification and weight are are(More)
In this paper, safety design of ore transfer facilities in steel works is studied. For ore yard of iron and steel works, it is necessary to supply required amount of iron ore via multiple numbers of conveyers. To attain the stable operation of ore transfer, the optimized usage of transfer facilities for continuous transfer. The equalized load distributions(More)
In steel works, required amount of ores are transferred from ore yard to down stream plants such as blast furnaces, coke oven furnaces and sintering furnaces. It is necessary to maintain ore stock at a certain levels of all plants to attain stable operations in steel works. However, it is difficult to avoid sudden change in production environment such as(More)
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