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A panoramic cardiac imaging system consisting of three high-speed CCD cameras has been developed to image the surface electrophysiology of a rabbit heart via fluorescence imaging using a voltage-sensitive fluorescent dye. A robust, unique mechanical system was designed to accommodate the three cameras and to adapt to the requirements of future experiments.(More)
Breath-held, accelerated 3D first-pass perfusion images of a healthy volunteer: (top rows) CS-PI-PF (R=24) and (bottom rows) TGRAPPA (R=8). Myocardial contours are zoomed in 4 th partition in the right side, as indicated by the red boxes. Fig. 1: k y-k z-t sampling pattern with R=24 using a combination of different random undersampling patterns for each(More)
Wavefront propagation in cardiac tissue is affected greatly by the geometry of the wavefront. We describe a computer-controlled stimulator system that creates reproducible wavefronts of a predetermined shape and orientation for the investigation of the effects of wavefront geometry. We conducted demonstration experiments on isolated perfused rabbit hearts,(More)
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