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The preparation of photoluminescent Si nanocrystal SiOX films by reactive evaporation
Abstract Si nanocrystals–SiO x films on Si substrates have been prepared by evaporating Si or SiO in the residual gas of the system or in an oxygen atmosphere by introducing oxygen into theExpand
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Embeddable sensor for corrosion measurement
The design of a microinstrument for corrosion monitoring in reinforced concrete is presented and the performance of the prototype device discussed. Sensors for the measurement of corrosion rate,Expand
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Simulation and experiment on the effect of patch shape on adhesive repair of composite structures
In order to investigate the performance of the adhesive bonding repair in composite structures, static tensile test is carried out on the bonding structures numerically and experimentally. TheExpand
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Total-dose effects in double-gate-controlled NPN bipolar transistors
The sensitivity to radiation-induced degradation of new double-gate-controlled lateral NPN bipolar transistors has been investigated. The radiation hardness is improved when the device is working inExpand
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