Junjun Pan

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Prior research on metaballs-based modeling solely focuses on shape geometry and its processing for organic objects. This paper takes a different approach by exploring a new metaballs-based physical modeling method for digital organs that are imperative to support virtual surgery. We propose a novel hybrid physical model comprising both surface mesh and the(More)
This paper systematically describes a real-time dissection approach for digital organs by strong coupling of geometric metaballs and physically correct mesh-free method. For organ geometry, we employ a novel hybrid model comprising both inner metaballs and high-resolution surface mesh with texture information. Through the use of metaballs, the organ(More)
As a general approach to study interactions among small biological molecules such as genes and proteins, network analysis has aroused great interest of people from various research disciplines. However, the construction of network is usually quite sensitive to noise which is unavoidable in real data. Besides, the parameter selections for network(More)
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