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Keywords: Numerical approach Fractional calculus Fractional differential equations Piecewise interpolation Simpson method a b s t r a c t Nowadays, fractional calculus are used to model various different phenomena in nature, but due to the non-local property of the fractional derivative, it still remains a lot of improvements in the present numerical(More)
There are many reports on associations between spermatogenesis and partial azoospermia factor c (AZFc) deletions as well as duplications; however, results are conflicting, possibly due to differences in methodology and ethnic background. The purpose of this study is to investigate the association of AZFc polymorphisms and male infertility in the Yi ethnic(More)
For an edge-bicolored graph G where each edge is colored either red or blue, a vertex set S is a dual feedback vertex set if S hits all blue cycles and red cycles of G. In this paper, we show that a dual feedback vertex set of size at most k can be found in time O * (c k 1) and all minimal dual feedback vertex set of size at most k can be enumerated in time(More)
This article presents a numerical technique for computing the biaxial yield surface of polymer-matrix composites with a given microstructure. Generalized Method of Cells in combination with an Improved Bodner-Partom Viscoplastic model is used to compute the inelastic deformation. The validation of presented model is proved by a fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs)(More)