Junjie Ye

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Keywords: Numerical approach Fractional calculus Fractional differential equations Piecewise interpolation Simpson method a b s t r a c t Nowadays, fractional calculus are used to model various different phenomena in nature, but due to the non-local property of the fractional derivative, it still remains a lot of improvements in the present numerical(More)
For an edge-bicolored graph G where each edge is colored either red or blue, a vertex set S is a dual feedback vertex set if S hits all blue cycles and red cycles of G. In this paper, we show that a dual feedback vertex set of size at most k can be found in time O * (c k 1) and all minimal dual feedback vertex set of size at most k can be enumerated in time(More)
This article presents a numerical technique for computing the biaxial yield surface of polymer-matrix composites with a given microstructure. Generalized Method of Cells in combination with an Improved Bodner-Partom Viscoplastic model is used to compute the inelastic deformation. The validation of presented model is proved by a fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs)(More)
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