Junjie Tong

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Client-side Quality-of-Service (QoS) evaluation of Web services is a critical factor in selecting the optimal Web service from a set of functionally equivalent service candidates. And collaborative filtering (CF) method becomes an important way for automatic QoS evaluation. Traditional CF approaches for this problem predict the QoS values by employing(More)
Book recommendation is an important part and task for personalized services and educations provided by the academic libraries. Many libraries have the readers' borrowing records without the readers' rating information on books. And the collaborative filtering (CF) algorithms are not proper under this circumstance. To apply the CF algorithms in book(More)
Cloud computing is a trend which facilitates the development of the distributed applications and reduces the cost of the deployments, and it has impacted the IT industry a lot. Cloud computing depends a lot on the characteristics of the network, as the remote processing and large data center are vital for cloud computing. And the evolution of the networks(More)
Nowadays, streaming media and web pages have occupied the most bandwidth on the Internet. And it's important to remain the scalability, performance, fairness and resources management potential while providing the Web Service. In this paper, we have proposed a new Web Service Structure of Combining P2P and CDN Technologies. By building a P2P Content(More)
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