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BACKGROUND To show the safety and accuracy of a new marking technique using an image-guided technique for preoperative localization of a small pulmonary nodule. METHODS CT data of a patient with a peripheral pulmonary nodule < 20 mm were transmitted to a surgical navigation system (StealthStation Treon Treatment Guidance System; Medtronic; Louisville,(More)
Spliceosome mutations have been reported in various types of cancer and a number of antitumor drugs have been observed to tightly bind to spliceosome components. Small nuclear ribonucleoprotein‑associated polypeptide N (SNRPN) is a small ribonuclear protein and is a key spliceosome constituent. However, the role of SNRPN in human medulloblastoma remains(More)
The aim of this study is to explore the association between the polymorphisms of galectin-3 gene and clinico-pathological characteristics and prognosis of gliomas. We enrolled 190 histologically diagnosed gliomas and 210 healthy controls in this study. Two genetic variants at galectin-3 single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) sites (galectin-3 +191 A>C and(More)
Previous evidence suggested that the stress protein grp170 can function as a highly efficient molecular chaperone, binding to large protein substrates and acting as a potent vaccine against specific tumors when purified from the same tumor. In addition, Pokemon can be found in almost all malignant tumor cells and is regarded to be a promising candidate for(More)
Software as a Service ¿SaaS¿ provides the same instance of an application to multiple customers typically in a single-instance multi-tenant architecture mode, achieving a low cost, economies of scale. However, SaaS applications also face the three most important challenges ¿ multi-tenant, configurable and extensible. While the current SaaS applications(More)
Tectonic family member 1 (TCTN1) encodes a member of the tectonic family which are evolutionarily conserved secreted and transmembrane proteins, involving in a diverse variety of developmental processes. It has been demonstrated that tectonics expressed in regions that participate in Hedgehog (Hh) signaling during mouse embryonic development and was(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish rat C6 brain-tumor models and find a simple reliable index to judge tumor volume. METHODS C6 cell suspension (10 microl) containing 10 g/L agarose and 1 x 10(6) cells was injected into the right caudate nucleus of the rat brain by a stereotaxic method. After implantation, rats were observed and given MRI scans. Rats were perfused(More)
OBJECTIVE This study is to investigate the value of intracranial venous circulation evaluation in guiding the surgery for parasagittal meningioma. METHODS A total of 44 parasagittal meningioma (PSM) patients received 3D CE-MRV scanning. The obtained images were reconstructed by virtual reality (VR) technology. Venous collateral circulation was evaluated.(More)
This study is to investigate the clinical significance of diaphragma sellae in patients with pituitary adenoma by MR images. A total of 47 cases of pituitary adenoma patients were enrolled in this study. Preoperative and postoperative MR scanning together with preoperative 3D-GE sequential scanning were performed. A series of parameters of diaphragma sellae(More)
A new combined difenoconazole and fluxapyroxad fungicide formulation, as an 11.7 % suspension concentrate (SC), has been introduced as part of a resistance management strategy. The dissipation of difenoconazole and fluxapyroxad applied to apples and the residues remaining in the apples were determined. The 11.7 % SC was sprayed onto apple trees and soil in(More)