Junjie Jin

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BACKGROUND Neuraxial application of dexmedetomidine (DEX) as adjuvant analgesic has been invetigated in some randomized controlled trials (RCTs) but not been approved because of the inconsistency of efficacy and safety in these RCTs. We performed this meta-analysis to access the efficacy and safety of neuraxial DEX as local anaesthetic (LA) adjuvant. (More)
An improving structure for resonance optical gyro inserting a Mach-Zehnder Interferomete (MZI) into coupler region between ring resonator and straight waveguide was proposed. The different reference phase shift parameters in the MZI arms are tunable by thermo-optic effect and can be optimized at every rotation angular rate point without additional phase(More)
A realtime collaborative editor facilitates concurrent editing of a document by multiple authors. It is desired that the document be shared only among the authors, and protected from the potentially curious server. Existing approaches have taken two distinct paths – centralized server based approaches that achieve high concurrency and meet real-time(More)
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