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Classical swine fever (CSF) still causes substantial economic losses in the pig industry in China. This study reports the isolation and characterization of a field CSF virus named GD53/2011 from pig kidney tissue collected during a CSF outbreak in Guangdong province, China. Phylogenetic analysis based on the full-length E2 gene sequence revealed that this(More)
Current subgenotype 2.1 isolates of classical swine fever virus (CSFV) play a dominant role in CSF outbreaks in China, and a novel sub-subgenotype 2.1g of CSFV was recently identified, but the complete genome sequence of this new sub-subgenotype has not been reported. In this study, complete genome of 2.1g isolate GD19/2011 collected from Guangdong province(More)
NS5A is a multifunctional non-structural protein of classical swine fever virus (CSFV) that plays an important role in viral replication, but how it exerts its functions is unknown. Here, we report the cleavage of NS5A of the vaccine C-strain, resulting in two truncated forms (b and c). Further experiments using calpain- and caspase-family-specific(More)
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