Junjie Dai

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A highly flexible solid-state supercapacitor was fabricated through a simple flame synthesis method and electrochemical deposition process based on a carbon nanoparticles/MnO(2) nanorods hybrid structure using polyvinyl alcohol/H(3)PO(4) electrolyte. Carbon fabric is used as a current collector and electrode (mechanical support), leading to a simplified,(More)
BACKGROUND Use of a risk of bias (ROB) tool has been encouraged and advocated to reviewers writing systematic reviews (SRs) and meta-analyses (MAs). Selective outcome reporting and other sources of bias are included in the Cochrane ROB tool. It is important to know how this specific tool for assessing ROB has been applied since its release. Our objectives(More)
The fire signal detection is a non-structural problem and difficult to be precise described by mathematical model, which increase the difficulty of fire detection. According to the special type of signal detection technique such as fire signal detection, a fire detection model based on fuzzy-neural network is presented. This paper described the design(More)
Highly flexible, robust, and sensitive infrared nanosensors were fabricated based on carbon nanoparticles that were synthesized through a simple and low-cost flame method. The infrared nanosensor devices showed sharp infrared photoresponse with a response time of ∼68 ms and a maximum photocurrent change of ∼52.9%. The devices showed a superhydrophobic(More)
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