Junji Yamamura

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Very Large Telescope (VLT) L-band spectra of six carbon stars in the Large Magellanic Cloud are presented. The stars show absorption bands at 3.1 mm (HCN and C2H2), and 3.8 mm, which is probably due to C2H2. Two LMC stars show strong 3.5 mm HCN absorption. The equivalent widths of the 3.1 mm and 3.8 mm bands are systematically larger in LMC carbon stars(More)
From Streptomyces virginiae, in which production of streptogramin antibiotic virginiamycin M(1) and S is tightly regulated by a low-molecular-weight Streptomyces hormone called virginiae butanolide (VB), which is a member of the gamma-butyrolactone autoregulators, the hormone biosynthetic gene (barS1) was cloned and characterized by heterologous expression(More)
In 1988, we reported a thrombasthenic patient whose platelets contained an abnormal molecular weight GPIIb (Blood, 71, 915, 1988). Here we describe another patient whose platelets contain a variant GPIIb with properties similar to the previously reported abnormal GPIIb. This patient has a small amount of the abnormal GPIIb and was suggested to be a(More)
Sequence-dependent DNA conformations of matrix attachment regions (MARs) available in a database were calculated using the wedge model, and compared with randomly chosen genes, promoters, enhancers and transposons. The MARs had a longer bent part and higher angle/helical turn than the other regions. It is known that some MAR sequences have A-tracts that(More)
Varicella-zoster virus glycoproteins were purified by using monoclonal antibodies and analyzed for their effects on cell-free virus infection. Preinfection treatment of cells with gH:gL reduced the infection efficiency and increased the number of unadsorbed virus. Postinfection treatment of cells with gB increased the infection efficiency, but that with(More)
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