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Bats, using frequency-modulated echolocation sounds, can capture a moving target in real 3D space. The process by which they are able to accomplish this, however, is not completely understood. This work offers and analyzes a model for description of one mechanism that may play a role in the echolocation process of real bats. This mechanism allows for the(More)
ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ ⅷ Integrated structure᎐control design of a two-link flexible robot arm is investigated in this article. The whole arm consists of two flexible links, a fixed joint, a moving joint, and a tip load. The arm is driven by the torque motors at the two joints to reach predefined tip positions and(More)
  • J C Tani
  • 1995
Compression of the sciatic nerve, or its branches, by a fibrous band in the thigh region is a rare cause of sciatic neuropathy. A 42-year-old farmer with a 1-year history of right leg dysesthesias in the tibial nerve distribution was found on surgical exploration to have a fibrous band constricting the tibial branch of the sciatic nerve proximal to the(More)
Simultaneous structural-control optimization of a coupled structural-acoustic enclosure is investigated in this paper. The whole system has a rectangular parallelepiped sound field of which the entire bottom face and the partial top face are covered with two elastic plates while the other boundaries are enclosed with rigid walls. Two point forces applied on(More)
The mechanical behavior of bronchial volume with respect to parenchymal properties, and to both the intrabronchial and pleural pressure, was investigated utilizing a theory of finite elasticity. Treating the lung parenchyma as a compressible continuum, we derived a simple strain-energy density function from pressure-volume curves of saline-filled lungs. On(More)
The mechanical dependence of bronchial volume on parenchymal properties and on intrabronchial and pleural pressures was investigated utilizing finite elasticity theory. Treating the lung parenchyma as a compressible continuum, and using a simple strain-energy-density function fitted to pressure-volume curves of saline-filled lungs, we analyzed(More)
Using frequency-modulated echolocation sound, bat can capture a moving target in real three-dimensional (3-D) space. It is impossible to locate multiple targets in 3-D space by using only the delay time between an emission and the resultingechoes received at two points (i.e., two ears). To locate multiple targets in 3-D space requires directional(More)
In a previous study the authors reported that external mechanical vibration applied to the left ventricular (LV) epicardium induces contractility-dependent depression in LV pressure, stroke volume and stroke work. It was suggested that this depression may be caused by the direct effect of external vibration on contractile protein. In another paper in this(More)