Junji Seino

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We investigate the accuracy of two-component Douglas-Kroll-Hess (DKH) methods in calculations of the nuclear volume term (≡ lnK(nv)) in the isotope fractionation coefficient. lnK(nv) is a main term in the chemical equilibrium constant for isotope exchange reactions in heavy element. Previous work based on the four-component method reasonably reproduced(More)
An algorithm of the accompanying coordinate expansion and recurrence relation (ACE-RR), which is used for the rapid evaluation of the electron repulsion integral (ERI), has been extended to the general-contraction (GC) scheme. The present algorithm, denoted by GC-ACE-RR, is designed for molecular calculations including heavy elements, whose orbitals consist(More)
Accurate quantum-chemical calculations of the excitation energies and the rotatory strengths of dichalcogens R-Ch-Ch-R (Ch = S, Se, Te) were carried out with the symmetry adapted cluster (SAC) and SAC-configuration interaction (CI) methods. A series of straight-chain molecules (dihydrogen dichalcogenide, dimethyl dichalcogenide, and (+)-bis(2-methylbutyl)(More)
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