Junji Oohama

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This paper presents a novel algorithm to reconstruct parameters of a sufficient number of current dipoles that describe data (equivalent current dipoles, ECDs, hereafter) from radial/vector magnetoencephalography (MEG) with and without electroencephalography (EEG). We assume a three-compartment head model and arbitrary surfaces on which the MEG sensors and(More)
We evaluated the Amplicor PCR assay as an initial diagnostic tool on the basis of clinical diagnosis, and assessed this assay as a follow-up test for patients with pulmonary tuberculosis during chemotherapy. Of the 208 specimens from 155 patients who were bacteriologically and/or clinically diagnosed with active tuberculosis before chemotherapy, 144 were(More)
In April 1993, a 51-year-old woman had a fever, and an infiltrative shadow was seen in the left upper lobe on a chest X-ray film. Repeated sputum cultures were positive for Mycobacterium avium complex. She underwent antituberculosis therapy consisting of pyrazinamide, ofloxacin, and streptomycin. Her symptom disappeared and the abnormal shadow resolved. In(More)
A 72-year-old woman was admitted to the hospital because of hypoglycemia. Her glucose level on admission was 40 mg/dl. A giant intrathoracic mass was demonstrated on X-ray, Computerized tomographic scan of the cerebrum showed no abnormalities. Serum insulin and C-peptide levels were within normal limits. The mass (weight 2.3 kg) and the right lower lobe(More)
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