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This study examined the effect of peanut and cod proteins on post-damage skeletal muscle repair, compared with casein. We hypothesized that because of their high arginine content, these proteins would improve the resolution of inflammation and muscle mass recovery following injury. One hundred and twenty-eight male Wistar rats were assigned to isoenergetic(More)
We have shown that feeding cod protein, which is rich in anti-inflammatory arginine, glycine, and taurine, may beneficially modulate the inflammatory response during recovery following skeletal muscle injury; however it is unknown if these amino acids are responsible for this effect. This study was designed to assess whether supplementing casein with an(More)
The aims of this study were to evaluate and compare proximate composition, antihypertensive activity and antioxidative capacity of the semimembranosus muscle from pork and beef and to study how these characteristics were affected by household preparation and subsequent digestion. The proximate composition was similar between pork and beef. Both pork and(More)
This study was designed to determine whether marine-derived proteins other than cod could have beneficial effects on inflammation following muscle injury. Macrophage and neutrophil densities were measured from bupivacaine-injured tibialis anterior muscle of rats fed isoenergetic diets containing either shrimp hydrolysate (Shr), casein hydrolysate (CaH), or(More)
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