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Loop-interference (LI) from relay transmission to reception reduces the channel capacity and makes the relay system unstable in full-duplex (FD) multi-input multi-output (MIMO) relay systems. conventional schemes to suppress LI still have drawbacks: 1) incur a dispensable signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) loss in low SNR regions; 2) increase the system complexity(More)
This paper describes approaches to the problem that lattice-reduction-aided (LRA) detectors have non-ideal decision region and detect outlying constellation points. The proposed approaches find the shortest distance from a received signal to added search signals using quantization error. Using these approaches, we can improve a bit error (BER) performance(More)
An efficient Schnorr-Euchner enumeration (SEE) to perform sphere decoding (SD) in digital communication applications is proposed. In this paper, we devise the elaboration of the enumeration step and counting the visited valid points in order to improve SEE procedure. Compared to the conventional SEE based on a simple zig-zag manner, the proposed SEE shows(More)
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