Junichiro Toriwaki

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A system for craniofacial surgical planning utilizing stacks of 2-D tomographic images is described. The four parts of the system are image generation, 2-D surgical planning, 3-D plan confirmation, and rough prediction of face shape after an operation. The four parts are combined to provide a useful surgical planning system. Because a gradient shading(More)
The presentation of the surgical anatomy of anorectal malformation by standard anatomical figures is not suitable for individual anorectoplasty. It is essential to understand the anatomy of the pelvic muscle (striated muscle complex: SMC) including the external anal sphincter and their three-dimensional (3D) configuration in each patient. Thus, we studied(More)
We developed a computer-aided interactive surgical simulation system for craniofacial anomalies based on three-dimensional (3-D) surface reconstruction CT imaging. This system has four functions: 1) 3-D surface reconstruction display with an accelerated projection method; 2) Surgical simulation to cut, move, rotate, and reverse bone-blocks over the(More)
Fundamental properties of topological structure of a 3D digitized picture are presented including the concept of neighborhood and connectivity among volume cells (voxels) of 3D digitized binary pictures defined on a cubic grid, the concept of simplicial decomposition of a 3D digitized object, and two algorithms for calculating the Euler number (genus).(More)
A practical simulation system based on analysis of clinical surgical procedures is described. The system provides fundamental manipulation operations to simulate actual surgical activities. There is a simulated cutting operation for sectioning a bone into various arbitrary shapes, a movement operation to transport a bone block to a desired position, and a(More)
In this article, we describe the features of Virtual Bronchoscope System(VBS) and its practical use. VBS is constructed based on 3-D chest CT images. The bronchus region is automatically extracted from 3-D chest CT images by a three-dimensional region growing method. The surface rendering is employed for construction of virtualized tracheo-bronchial tree.(More)