Junichiro Takeuchi

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[3H]-Flunitrazepam (FNT) binding was measured in the post-mortem brains of 13 chronic schizophrenics and 10 controls whose mean ages and death-to-freezing intervals were the same in each group. The specific binding of [3H]-FNT to the medial frontal cortex, orbitofrontal cortex, orbital cortex, medial and inferior temporal gyri, superior temporal gyrus,(More)
An optimization model for cropping-plan placement on field plots is presented for supporting decision-making on agricultural management by a farming organization. The mixed 0–1 programming technique is employed to select the next planting crop at each field plot in a holistic manner. Reduction of total nitrogen discharged from field plots to the downstream(More)
We investigated seasonal water quality changes on different land uses in a small agricultural watershed dominated with rice and tea crops. Observed NO3–N in tea plantations and tea drainage channels was sufficiently high enough to cause downstream water pollution throughout the year. On contrary, significant NO3–N reductions were observed in abandoned and(More)
Vertical distraction osteogenesis can extend not only to hard tissues but also to soft tissues. There is a tendency to cause progressive lingual inclination of the distracted segment. This study describes a method for preventing the lingual inclination of the transport segment in patients with vertical distraction osteogenesis in the anterior region of the(More)
Calcium phosphate cement (CPC) is a bioactive ceramic substance. To clarify the effects of CPC on the peripheral nerve, we applied CPC on the peripheral nerve fibers of experimental animals and investigated the nerve fibers by electron microscopy and by immunoblotting analysis using an anti-myelin-associated glycoprotein (anti-MAG) antibody. The results(More)
In the present study, the expressions of beta-catenin and integrin-linked kinase (ILK) in the adult mouse peripheral nerve were investigated by means of immunoblotting analyses and electron microscopy using the immunogold pre -embedding method. As a result, beta-catenin and ILK were shown to be expressed both in the axon and the Schwann cell of the(More)
Alpha E-catenin is included in the same category as alpha N-catenin, and both of them have been identified as subtypes of alpha-catenin. A previous study issued from our laboratory demonstrated that alpha N-catenin is localized in the axoplasm of unmyelinated peripheral nerves, whereas the localization of alpha E-catenin in the peripheral nervous system has(More)
Localizations of N- and R-cadherins in dorsal root ganglia and lumbar spinal cord of the chick were immunocytochemically examined. As a result, N- and R-cadherin appeared to be co-localized on plasmalemma of neurons in dorsal root ganglia that were in contact with satellite cells, whereas there was no expression in neurons of the ventral horn. These(More)
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