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Ectopic pregnancy developing in a previous Cesarean section scar is rare and is associated with catastrophic complications, such as uterine rupture and uncontrollable bleeding, which may lead to loss of the uterus. The operative treatments that have been reported for cesarean scar pregnancy are dilatation and curettage and excision of trophoblastic tissues(More)
IGFBP-1 is elevated in fetuses with long-term, chronic hypoxia and intrauterine growth restriction. We investigated the hypothesis that hypoxia regulates IGFBP-1 in the human fetus in vivo and IGFBP-1 gene expression and protein in vitro. Umbilical artery IGFBP-1 levels (mean +/- SEM) from term babies with respiratory acidosis (acute hypoxia), normal(More)
BACKGROUND In preeclampsia, the precise mechanism of impaired vascular function is still unclear. We hypothesized that cellular function of circulating endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) might be impaired in patients with preeclampsia. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to investigate the number and status of cellular senescence of EPCs in the(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the fertilization and pregnancy rates using fresh testicular sperm between nonobstructive azoospermic (NOA) patients and obstructive azoospermic (OA) patients. DESIGN We evaluated sperm quality of testicular sperm retrieved by microdissection testicular sperm extraction (MD-TESE) in NOA patients and compared the fertilization rate and(More)
This report describes six successful pregnancies (five healthy children from four deliveries and two miscarriages) with SrC1(2) oocyte activation using spermatozoa from nine patients with repeated fertilization failure. Oocytes were artificially activated by SrC1(2) 30 min after intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). Oocytes were placed in 10 mmol/l of(More)
Since the first observations of Cremer in 1906, fetal electrocardiogram (ECG) measurements via the maternal abdominal wall have remained a formidable challenge for clinical technicians and engineers in the cutting-edge field of information theory. Previous obstacles in extracting fetal ECG still complicate their acquisition at the present. These include(More)
The present study examined the association between food intake and endometrial cancer restricted to endometrial endometrioid adenocarcinoma (EEA) using a case-control study in Japanese women. One hundred sixty-one cases and 380 controls who completed a questionnaire regarding demographic, lifestyle, and food frequency questionnaire were analyzed. Odds ratio(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to investigate the long-term fertility prognosis after B-Lynch sutures for post-partum hemorrhage (PPH). METHODS A retrospective observational study was conducted on patients who underwent B-Lynch sutures in our hospital between 2005 and 2010. Patient data was collected from hospital records. Information regarding subsequent(More)
Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 1 (IGFBP-1) is important in regulating minute-to-minute IGF bioavailability in the circulation and is primarily an inhibitor of IGF action systemically and in most cellular systems. Understanding regulation of IGFBP-1 is, thus, important in understanding regulation of IGF actions. The IGFBP-1 promoter contains a(More)
The precise molecular and cellular mechanisms that regulate maternal vascular development during gestation are largely unknown. Endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs), which play an important role in vascular homeostasis, have been discovered in the circulation. We examined the level of circulating EPCs throughout uncomplicated pregnancies (n = 20) and(More)