Junichi Sato

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A novel contactless power supply system for electric trains is discussed based on structure of an air gapped coaxial transformer. Theoretical analysis, simulation results and verification experiments were conducted and the results are shown in this paper. The 94.0% efficiency was observed with air gap coaxial structure. Moreover, the power factor corrector(More)
The purpose of this study was to construct Jung's Psychological Types Scale (JPTS), and to examine its reliability and validity. First, 87 pairs of items were written, and their content validity examined by two Jungian analysts, who judged 74 pairs of them to be appropriate. In Study 1 542 undergraduates, 245 men and 297 women, responded to the interim(More)
Understanding social relationships plays an important role in smooth information sharing and project management. Recently, extracting social relationships from activity sensor data has gained popularity, and many researchers have tried to detect close relationship pairs based on the similarities between activity sensor data, namely, unsupervised approaches.(More)
The NADH oxidase-peroxiredoxin (Prx) system of Amphibacillus xylanus reduces hydroperoxides with the highest turnover rate among the known hydroperoxide-scavenging enzymes. The high electron transfer rate suggests that there exists close interaction between NADH oxidase and Prx. Variant enzyme experiments indicated that the electrons from β-NADH passed(More)
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