Junichi Ohmura

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This has been a brief sketch of the health and medical system in Japan. While many health indices have improved since the end of World War II, the health system still has many problems to be solved. The shortage of professional personnel remains a glaring one. And especially detrimental to the effective functioning of a good system is the fragmentation of(More)
Numerical simulation for visual processing of the human brain is one of time-consuming applications. This paper shows acceleration techniques for a simulation program of the visual processing. We parallelize convolution calculations, which are core operations, which the simulation program requests, on a GPU-accelerated PC cluster. Our implementation(More)
In this paper, we propose an approach for significantly improving the performance of parallel matrix-matrix multiplication using a GPU-accelerated cluster. For one node, we implement a CPUs-GPU parallel double-precision general matrix-matrix multiplication (dgemm) operation and achieve a performance improvement of 32% as compared to the GPU-only case(More)
  • J Ohmura
  • 1985
A consumer's opinion survey was carried out, using the same questionnaire in 58 social insurance hospitals. The rate of collection was 67.2 percent. Evaluations were higher for medical and nursing care, and lower for dietary service and ward accommodation. It is interesting that the results of the consumer survey for each hospital very nearly coincide with(More)
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