Junichi Minakuchi

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A boy with combined immunodeficiency having low natural killer (NK)-cell activity received thymopoietin pentapeptide (TP-5) treatment, transplanted with T cell-depleted HLA-haploidentical bone marrow (BMT) cells from his father and with thymus tissue from an infant at different times during the first year of life. He showed a marked increase in large(More)
When peripheral blood lymphocytes from healthy adults are cultured with autologous (auto) or allogeneic (allo) Epstein-Barr virus-transformed cells (LCL), non-specific killer activity against NK-sensitive K562 and NK-resistant Raji, as well as specific killer activity against LCL is enhanced or generated. We analyzed the cell subsets possessing such(More)
IFN-gamma has been shown to decrease the susceptibility of target cells to NK cell-mediated cytotoxicity. In this report, the effect of IFN-gamma on the sensitivity of target cells to killing by various human lymphocyte cytotoxic activities such as NK/K, IL-2-augmented NK/K cell activity, and IL-2-activated killer activity were studied. Although(More)
Lymphocyte reconstitution after bone marrow transplantation (BMT) was analyzed using two-color flow-cytometry in 18 patients and the differences between allogenic and autologous BMT were studied. The CD8 (+) CD11b (+) and CD8 (+) Leu7 (+) suppressor subsets were increased while the CD4 (+) 2H4 (+) suppressor inducer subset was decreased in both groups after(More)
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