Junichi Kojima

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Intracellular rickettsia-like structures were found in the tissues of a glossiphoniid leech, Torix tagoi, by transmission electron microscopy. Diagnostic PCR analysis using specific primers suggested that of the nine glossiphoniid species examined, two species, T. tagoi and Hemicrepsis marginata, harbored bacteria of the genus Rickettsia. A 1.5-kb(More)
BACKGROUND GI endoscopy without general anesthesia causes a hyperperistaltic state in the stomach, which frequently necessitates the use of antispasmodic agents, such as hyoscine-N-butylbromide, but these drugs have side effects. Peppermint oil is harmless and acts locally to inhibit GI smooth muscle contraction. METHODS A randomized double-blind,(More)
In this paper, a sperm whale click analysis scheme is proposed in order to calculate the position of individual sperm whales in a group using data received at two arrays deployed near the surface. The proposed method mainly consists of two parts: short baseline (SBL) with classification and long baseline (LBL) with class matching. In SBL with(More)
BACKGROUND Systemic hypoxia following surgical injury modulates cytokine and catecholamine responses. Endotoxin tolerance develops after pretreatment of animals with sublethal endotoxin doses and is characterized by a reduced inflammatory cytokine response to subsequent endotoxin challenges. The administration of endotoxin also attenuates ischemic injury of(More)
Up-flow column percolation tests are used at laboratory scale to assess the leaching behavior of hazardous substance from contaminated soils in a specific condition as a function of time. Monitoring the quality of these test results inter or within laboratory is crucial, especially if used for Environment-related legal policy or for routine testing(More)