Junichi Kanebako

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This research is an attempt to develop a drumming interface that awakes a shared sense of identity in a musical performance session even for non-musicians. In this paper, "Shared Identity" refers to the way in which players are aware of each other, and feel a sense of belonging with other players. In this paper, we describe the concept and approach about(More)
This instrument is a part of the "Gangu Project" at IAMAS, which aim to develop digital toys for improving children's social behavior in the future. It was further developed as part of the IAMAS-Interface Cultures exchange program. "Mountain Guitar" is a new musical instrument that enables musical expression through a custom-made sensor technology, which(More)
Advances in sensor technology allow us to wear various sensors that detect bio-signals, such as body posture, body movement, heart rate and respiration rate. Compared with the many options of wearable sensors available, the options of display methods are limited. This paper proposes the Bio-Collar, which is a novel collar-shaped wearable bio-status display.(More)
We developed a new digital kaleidoscope called "interacumos," which generates interactive videos with depth perception based on the infinite reflections of a six-sided mirrored cubic kaleidoscope. We installed OLED panels and pressure sensors in a cubic kaleidoscope, "interacumos" analyzes movements of the hand with pressure sensors and generates(More)
We created a new hearing device called "VibGrip(VG)". The name VG came from the concept of Vib(ration) Grip. The VG has 5 piezoelectric elements mounted on a small housing that make it possible to feel the vibrations of different frequency bands with each finger. As an application of this device, we have developed a system that can sense the difference in(More)
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