Junichi Ishizaki

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The borderline zone condition between normal aging and dementia is a major issue of concern. Although the term mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is popular, its prevalence and neuropsychological features have not been fully investigated. We investigated the prevalence and neuropsychological features for Clinical Dementia Rating (CDR) 0.5 and MCI. For normal(More)
In a cross-sectional study, we examined age-related differences in visuo-spatial ability associated with image rotation, using two variants of Piaget's 'Three-Mountain Task.' The object-mental rotation (OMR) task detects the ability to mentally rotate an image, whereas the subject-mental rotation (SMR) task reveals the ability to mentally change one's(More)
Human choriocarcinoma cell lines have been used as placental models for the study of endocrine function, including aromatase (CYP19) activity and the secretion of human CG (hCG). In the present study, we investigated the effects of trialkyltin compounds, which are suspected endocrine disrupters, on aromatase activity and hCG secretion in human(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Cerebral MRIs of normal aging and Alzheimer's disease (AD) frequently reveal corpus callosum (CC) atrophy, white matter hyperintensity (WMH), and hippocampal atrophy. However, their relationship or the relationship between these findings and cognitive function has not been fully studied. We investigated the relationship between CC(More)
Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is a transitional state between normal aging and dementia. Although there have been some studies on the role of verbal memory in learning ability, there have been no reports on the part played by visual memory. In the present study, the Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure Test (RCFT) was given to healthy subjects and to those with(More)
BACKGROUND Vascular dementia (VaD) has been considered to be more prevalent than Alzheimer disease in Japan. However, this might be the result of overdiagnosis stemming from some problematic diagnosis of VaD or of the frequent use of magnetic resonance imaging to detect cerebrovascular disease in older adults. OBJECTIVES We investigated the prevalence of(More)
Elderly subjects with mild memory impairment but not apparent dementia are the focus of early intervention trials. To examine the effects of structural psychosocial intervention for elderly subjects with very mild Alzheimer disease, i.e., Clinical Dementia Rating 0.5. The design is a prospective study. The experimental group (14 Clinical Dementia Rating 0.5(More)
Elderly people with questionable dementia (i.e. a Clinical Dementia Rating (CDR) of 0.5) have been focused on as representing the borderline zone condition between healthy people and dementia patients. Many of them are known to have pathologic traits of very mild Alzheimer's disease (AD). Although they present mild memory disorder, the underlying mechanism(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate impaired shifting of visuospatial attention in Alzheimer's disease (AD) compared with age-matched controls. METHOD An attention shifting was examined in 20 AD patients and 10 age-matched normal subjects by choice reaction time (CRT) and covert orienting paradigm. Visuospatial functions tests were also performed. For covert(More)
AIMS The Benton Visual Form Discrimination test (VFD) is one of the non-verbal tests to assess the capacity for complex visual form discrimination. The purposes of the present study were to investigate the effects of age and education level of the VFD in healthy elderly subjects, rigorously excluding participants with Clinical Dementia Rating (CDR) 0.5, and(More)