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Background: Little is known about differences in the disposition kinetics and pharmacological effects on gastrin levels between lansoprazole and rabeprazole given in a repeated dosing scheme with respect to the polymorphic CYP2C19. Aim: To provide preliminary information that should be considered when prescribing proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs) for the(More)
An NADPH-dependent carbonyl reductase (S1) isolated from Candida magnoliae catalyzed the reduction of ethyl 4-chloro-3-oxobutanoate (COBE) to ethyl (S)-4-chloro-3-hydroxybutanoate (CHBE), with a 100% enantiomeric excess, which is a useful chiral building block for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals. The gene encoding the enzyme was cloned and sequenced. The(More)
Using a newly developed assay of telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT) mRNA in serum by real-time RT-PCR, we previously reported this assay to be superior to other tumor markers for hepatoma. In this study, we aimed to clarify its clinical significance as a biomarker for lung cancer. In 112 patients with lung tumor and 80 individuals without cancer, we(More)
The molecular mechanism of cell death due to hypoxia has not been elucidated. Our recent observations that overexpression of the anti-apoptotic proto-oncogene bcl-2 and a bcl-2-related gene, bcl-x, prevents hypoxic cell death suggest that hypoxia induces apoptosis. Using electron microscopy and confocal and nonconfocal fluorescence microscopy, we show here(More)
PURPOSE We previously reported the usefulness of a qualified highly sensitive detection method for human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT) mRNA in serum with 89.7% sensitivity for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). In this study, we developed a quantitative detection method for serum hTERT mRNA and examined the clinical significance in HCC diagnosis.(More)
Glutamate decarboxylase (GAD) catalyzes the synthesis of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), an inhibitory neurotransmitter, from glutamate. An expression of GAD protein has been reported for brain and pancreas, but not for skin. In this study, we present evidence that GAD67 mRNA and protein are expressed in mouse skin and in human dermal fibroblasts. The(More)
BACKGROUND It has been reported that the progesterone receptor (PR) level is transiently increased within the follicle by LH stimulation and controls cumulus cells in follicles and oocyte maturation. The purpose of this study was to predict developmental competence of human oocytes during IVF via analysis of PR in cumulus cells surrounding mature oocytes.(More)
The QR regressor tumour (QR-32), a fibrosarcoma which is unable to grow progressively in normal syngeneic C57BL/6 mice, was able to grow progressively in 13 out of 22 mice (59%) when it was subcutaneously coimplanted with gelatin sponge. We established four culture tumour lines from the resultant tumours (QRsP tumour lines). These QRsP tumour lines were(More)
We measured serum urate in 3,258 Japanese outpatients. Five of them had persistent hypouricemia. Three also had microhematuria. Four of the five patients were proven to have renal uricosuria with hypouricemia, but otherwise normal tubular function. When tested with both pyrazinamide and benzbromarone, 1 patient had a presecretory reabsorption defect, 2 had(More)
Cell death due to reoxygenation after hypoxia was characterized in primary cultured hepatocytes. Fluorescence and electron microscopic analyses of reoxygenated hepatocytes revealed morphological characteristics of apoptosis, including chromatin condensation, nuclear fragmentation, and formation of apoptotic bodies. Few necrotic hepatocytes, defined by loss(More)