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The muscle is moved by muscle fiber contraction receiving command from the brain. But, energy that moves muscle is not infinity. If muscle get into energy shortage, no matter how send command from the brain, muscle is not moved. Such a temporary muscular dysfunction is muscle fatigue. If muscle becomes excess fatigue condition, it may decrease work(More)
With the concept of 'human-machine interface', designed especially for visually impaired persons, we have developed an electric aid device for use in guiding orientation and locomotion. The device, which we call CyARM, measures the distance between a person and an object with an ultrasonic sensor and transmits the distance information to the user's haptic(More)
OBJECTIVE To solve the complicated wires and battery maintenance problems in the application of wearable computing for biomedical monitoring, the electromyography (EMG) measurement system using conductive fabric for power supply and electric shield for noise reduction is proposed. MATERIAL AND METHODS The basic cable-free network system using conductive(More)
The finger movement has the information about force, speed to bend and the combination of fingers. If these information is estimated, the many degrees of freedom interface can apply it. In this study, we aimed for the many degrees of freedom finger movement classification. We tried each fingers classification and the estimate of the flexural finger force(More)
Various wearable computing devices face problems with their power supplies, communication channels, and placement. Conductive clothes can resolve these problems, but it is still difficult to know the positions of devices on the conductive fabric. Therefore, we have devised a method to detect the positions of such devices by using a camera. To detect the(More)