Junichi Abeki

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In this paper, we propose an efficient and effective image generation system for "mixed reality traffic experiment space", an enhanced driving/traffic simulation system, which we have been developing for sustainable ITS project at the University of Tokyo. Conventional driving simulators represent their view by a set of polygon-based objects, which leads to(More)
This paper describes a parallel ray tracing system MAGG which has 86 transputers and HDTV frame buffers. Our system is based on a screen subdivision algorithm. In this algorithm, each processor essentially requires entire scene database. Therefore huge local storage should be required if the scene is complicated. In order to avoid this, shape descriptions(More)
This paper describes a parallel processing scheme for bidirectional ray tracing which improves the reality of the image drastically. It is organized from two stages, i.e. light ray tracing and viewing ray tracing. In light ray tracing, pairs of a light source and an element of objects are distributed to each processor dynamically. In viewing ray tracing, we(More)
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