Juni’chi Watanabe

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Amorphous and nanocrystalline TiO(2) thin films coated on a vitreous silica substrate by a solgel dip coating method are investigated for optical properties by spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE) together with transmission spectroscopy. A method of analysis of SE data to determine the degree of inhomogeneity of TiO(2) films has also been presented. Instead of(More)
We present high spatial resolution images of the gravitational-lens system PG 1115+080 taken with the near-infrared camera (CISCO) on the Subaru telescope. The FWHM of the combined image is 0.32 in the K -band, yielding spatial resolution of 0.14 after a deconvolution procedure. This is a first detection of an extended emission adjacent to the A1/A2(More)
Context. The observed sodium abundance of meteoroids in meteor showers might differ from the original abundance because of processing in interplanetary space after ejections from their parent bodies. Among various processes, thermal alteration of alkali silicate is most likely the major process of Na depletion. Aims. We clarify at which perihelion distances(More)
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