Junhyung Moon

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According to the widespread mobile devices and wearable devices, various mobile video applications are emerging. Some of those applications contain sensitive data such as military information so that they need to be protected from anonymous intruders. Thus, several video encryption techniques have been proposed. Accordingly, it has become essential to(More)
The nocturnal enuresis is challenging due to the increased social activities of the children. This disorder significantly bothers both the children and their parents in psychological, behavioral, social, and financial manners. However, the primary treatments have limitations and further are not able to completely cure the disorder. In order to reduce pain(More)
In this research, we propose a bladder volume monitoring system that can be effectively applied for various voiding dysfunctions. Whereas conventional systems lack consecutive measurements, the proposed system can continuously monitor a user's status even during unconscious sleep. For the convenience, we design a simple and comfortable waist-belt-type(More)
Accurate recognition of people's responses to stress and timely management of stress is one of the important aspects of maintaining good health. However, recognizing such reactions is difficult since people react to stressful events in various ways. Accordingly, we propose a multimodal stress monitoring framework to examine people's physiological and(More)
Various video applications in mobile and wearable devices deal with private or important video data. In order to protect the important video information, several video encryption techniques have been proposed. The secure video processing, the combination of the video compression/decompression and the video encryption/decryption, causes lots of computational(More)
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